Antique Cedar 7.2 mm AQUA Waterproof Floor


Finish: UV Coating two times
Certifications: Meets E1 Standard
Flammability: Passes “Life Safety Codes”
Installation: Float Click
Plank Width: 5.6”
Plank Length: 48”
Total Thickness: 7.2 mm
Coverage per Box: 20.37 sq.ft. (1.89m²)

Actual Area (sq. ft.)20.37
Total Price$67.02
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Aqua waterproof flooring is our easiest DIY option, so you can make over your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen or basement in just hours. There’s no extensive preparation required, but be sure the floor you’re laying over is dry, clean and flat. First, peel the protective paper from the adhesive side of the plank, then place the plank where you want it and press down until it’s set. If you make a mistake, simply pull up the flexible plank and re-position.

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Weight 33 lbs

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  1. Just finished installing this floor all over my house. It truly a fantastical product. Great quality! I highly endorse it!

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